Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spot Light Product # 1 - Benefit Powderflage

1) What is it?

Light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes & face (description from

2) What does it claim to do?

Virtually weightless powder concealer camouflages fine lines and dark circles. It's fast, easy, lite and breezy! (from

3) Why do I love it?

It really does what it says! It works wonderful alone, or to set liquid or cream concealer to make it last longer. I use it both ways, and I use it everyday!! Most importantly for me is that it doesn't settle into fine lines. Instead it diffuses them.

4) How much is it?

$28.00 everywhere I have seen it.

5) Where can I purchase?, Also, Sephora stores, but unfortunately I don't have one near me :( You can also purchase at some fine department stores. I know Belk carries it.